Norwegian Visits to Maghdouche

During our long stay in Maghdouche, we got 2 norwegian visits.
The first visit was directly after Christmas. Father and daughter, Steffen and Tine, decided to follow us for a 3 week stay. Here they are in the photos, in Robert's family house, at 4:00 in the morning, having a coffee and a "knefeh" plate , before they rest and have some sleep after a long journey.

Few days after, there was another round to the airport: Bjarne and May Britt arrived from Oslo to Beirut airport via Heathrow. Thank God, their flight was earlier in the evening, so we could introduce them to Steffen and Tine who were waiting for us at "Le Triangle" in Maghdouche where we had a nice dinner and a glass of wine (we had a toast for Stine Marie who was supposed to join but was not able to).

We take the occasion and we thank all our visitors for all the yarn and the things that they were able to bring to our project in their luggage. Without their help, we would not be able to get to Maghdouche all the things at once. So, thank you guys for your help.


Back From Lebanon !

So, the vacation is over ! 45 days, in the warmth of Lebanon, have passed like seconds.

During our stay, we did a lot of things for the project. Many things that we wanted to do seemed to be impossible. We end up by being the first ones to benefit from the project: we are learning day by day, to work on our patience (and our impatience), on accepting things as they are presented and when they are presented but without loosing the track: Keeping our eyes looking straight forward on our target... and the results are rewarding !

We come back to Norway with our luggage full of products made by around 20 women (and one man): embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, crochet, etc... all made by "Dignity"... What makes us feel satisfied and proud.


High Hat !

"Dignity" would like to thank Rotary Club - Hamar Vest for its contribution to the project. What Rotary has done is really encouraging for us to continue our struggle for a better Maghdouche.


It's About Time, Guys !!!

After a stop that has last since 2006, Maghdouche scouts - group N.D. of Maghdouche are starting from scratch.
yesterday February the 6th. 2010, the first formation part ended with an engagement ceremony (Riham al Hayek, Rita Constantine and Danielle Barrack) Some members have been engaged since 2004 and 2005.

"We will be meeting every saturday at 11:00 am till 1:00 pm at Notre-Dame School in Maghdouche" said to us Wadih Constantine, the leader of the group, and when we asked about the plans for the future he said: "... the plans are to make this group grow faster.. the second step will be in 2 weeks. We will start by forming older children to be responsible of the youngest. Later, they will be divided into 4 units or groups".

We ,in Dignity, wish the scouts of Maghdouche all the best of luck and we support their brave step that is really needed in Maghdouche, on the hope that we will be able to collaborate together in the future.


Special Thanks !

The "Dignity" project family in Maghdouche sends its thanks to a lady that did a lot for the project.
Hanne Lystad, for all your efforts that you did and still doing for "Dignity", for all the months of research conserning Maghdouche, geographically and ethnographically, for following step-by-step, Trond Einar and Robert's activities when it comes to the project and its progress, for leading an informative serie of speaches and causeries...
For all this and for all what to come we thank you and we hope to see you one day in our beloved village Maghdouche.
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