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After our visit to Samia Saab and our research on Oya, could it still be possible to find Oya in Maghdouche? I haven't seen any black widow since years, not even any old woman wearing a Mandeel anymore! ...But whom to ask about Oya? ...for sure, Let us ask Jamal !!!

Jamal is our neighbour and guardian angel when we are in Beit el Founoun. She offers us juice or a cup of coffee whenever she has time or needs to have a little rest...

... and when we asked her about Oya, she just dissappeared for a while and came back with her mother's Oya (Zakieh) that she kept for years after her mother's death.

She proudly and full with emotions, showed us how to wear it on the head and the correct way for knobbing it.

It was not the best Oya we have seen, not after seeing the big collection of Samia Saab, but it was an Oya coming from old Maghdouche, and that was what made it special. Besides, the wood prints on the textile attracted our curiosityand attention to a possible traditional art technique that dissappeared with the time.

From my childhood, I remember Zakieh wearing her mandeel. It might be this one or another one. It does not matter. What matters now is that we are on the right track and that, by highlighting such thing, our satisfaction is enormous.


Ready for the Season !

Spring is in the air !!! Time to cut the 370 different pelargonium plants and make sticklings, and of course the money goes to our Dignity project...
So friends and pelargonium lovers ! if you need pelargonium sticklings, you know where to go !!! and if you have any particular order or request, please dont hesitate to send your wishing lists or take contact by email.


Happy Easter - God påske - Al Massi7 Qam

Around 3:00 am. this morning, the bells of the church in Maghdouche rang loud...
It's "El Hajmeh", a service that starts outside in the street and continues inside the church for hours till after sunrise. The famous sermon of St. John Chrysostom "the Golden mouth" makes the peak of the prayer... Another Easter service would follow for those who were too sleepy and did not make it for the first service.

The long Friday service "Jinnez el Massi7" .... Photo: Petra Hakim

Easter wishes and visits continue for the next days where "Ma3moul", chocolate eggs are offered. Whileas for the children, a competition in who is having the strongest coloured egg is usually held in the place of the village.

The Golgotha Mountain symbolization inside the church ... Photo: Petra Hakim

The last week was a heavy and intensive lithurgical week, as traditions and lithurgical prayers have a big value in the hearts of Maghdouche people.

Happy Easter to all.


Palm Sunday 2009

... and here are some photos of Palm Sunday 2009. Thank you Petra for sending them.


Hosanna in the Highest !!!!

Maghdouche celebrates today The Palm Sunday "Sha3nineh".

Today, every child in the village, put on the best cloths he has, hold the big candle that mothers have decorated with flowers and branches and ornaments, and rush to the church... not to miss the celebration, for today it is the day of children!

Photo: Ghada Elias 2008
Every father today, after the mass is over, hold his child on the shoulders and while the bells of the church are ringing (the small bell as well as the big bell that rings only on big occasions), and turn around the church in a big celebration. People coming from the christian villages surrounding Maghdouche, hold palm tree branches and join the celebration, singing in one voice: "Hosanna in the Highest, blessed is who He comes in the name of the Lord"...

Photo:Alain Cattan 2008

3 Complete official rounds... and one extra round just to please the children !

People of Maghdouche, we wish you a happy "Cha3nineh".
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