The house - Beit el Founoun

Here we go ! What is done is done !
Finally, we got the house ... signed the paper and got the keys, after long, very long discussions, a lot of heavy thinking and calculations...
Why? : here is the full story...

The economical conditions in Lebanon have really changed thru the years, especially after the war of 2006. People who already had serious economical difficulties found themselves in a dramatical situation. We could not just turn our eyes and continue to live normally, we got to do something ...

We discussed and discussed... and the idea became more and more clear : an art project based on recycling and handcraft that keeps for the people their dignity. We design items based on lebanese traditions, afford the help and the skills needed to get people to produce these items and then find a market to sell these items for them without any commission.
We needed a place... so we bought a small beautiful house. We baptised it Beit el Founoun (The House of Arts) and we baptised the project as: Dignity

Here I am outside the main entrance of Beit el Founoun. The second floor of the house will be a living area for friends, artists and people that would like to visit and have a closer look on the project... When it comes to food and care, it is nothing to worry about with such warm Maghdouche hospitality.

The kitchen needs some repair, paint and a lot of washing

...so do the toilets and showers

In the first floor, there will be my studio, an office and work room for the Dignity project and a bedroom. It is a good space for holding different workshops in different techniques needed for the project.
The roof terrasse before it is redecorated and painted.

All photos are taken before we started the renovation.

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Supernøtt sa...

Congratulations with a brand new blog and with the House of Arts. I have added you to my Bloglines feeds list, and I am looking forward to watching the project and the blog develop and grow :-D

I Should Be Cleaning Up sa...

Yes, wow, this sounds like an exciting project, and so worth while too. Thanks for stopping by my blog too :) It puts things into perspective, seeing people struggling to make a living, as compared to the luxury that I live in.

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