I Love Maghdouche !!!

Here is a little movie about Maghdouche showing norwegian friends supporting our Dignity Project and Maghdouche. This movie is composed of photos that were taken during our Market day in August 2008. We hope you like it !


Dignity Weekend Market 2009

Natthagen galleri has the pleasure of inviting you to the weekend market 2009 dedicated to support our Dignity project in Maghdouche - Lebanon.

Location: Natthagen galleri
Adress: Vensbakeriet - Løten - Norway
Date: Saturday and Sunday, the 1. and 2. of August
Time: from 12:00 to 4:00 PM.

All are welcome ! Help us spread the news.


How did it go with the courses?

We haven't been posting any articles lately. Things were a little bit out of control after our last trip to Lebanon, in May, that we are having the feeling of being behind schedule all the time !
But although it seems a long time since May and the news are old by now, we have to tell our readers and friends how did it go when it comes to the courses. During our stay in Maghdouche, we had time to offer 3 courses... Berit gave the first course. It was about making wool socks (the norwegian way) using 5 sticks.

Robert gave the second course that was a course in tatting where participants got familiar with the shittle and its use, made their first double stitches, picots and rings. The participants saw the light when they were able to understand the logic behind the weird elegant hand movements of tatting...

The third and last course was with TrondE. It was about knitting small cats. After the course, the participants were able to knit a cat on 2 sticks, filt it as they were introduced to filting and personalise it by embroidering the eyes and the mouth.

This time, the courses were given to a limited number of people on the hope that these people will be able to teach the others that are interested in learning the techniques.
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