2 More Oya Mandeels

As our research for Oya continued, we got to Sonia Cattan after we heard that she has a collection of Oya. Unfortunately, the collection was stolen during the war on Maghdouche in 1986... Only 2 Oya mandeels survived. Here is Maryline wearing them for the photo.


Makkook - Nupereller - Tatting

Course #: 6
We are glad to inform you that a course in Makkook (Makkouk) work will be held in Beit el Founoun soon. Those who are interested, please take contact with Georgette Hayek.

Makkook, known in english as tatting is a very old tradition in Lebanon dated since the Ottoman era and that dissappeared with the Lebanese war... and to just revive this tradition, could be a big achievement.
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