Mabroomeh - Mabroumeh

It has been 15 years, I haven't had "Mabroomeh". People of Maghdouche prepare it once a year at the week preceding the catholic fast (last week), and it never happens that I am there... and for somebody born and raised in Maghdouche, this is a big deprivation.

These "modern days", the filling varies from sweetened cheese to pistachio, almond, cashew nuts, pine seeds... etc. etc... but originally, "Mabroumeh" is filled with minced walnuts, sugar, orange blossom water and rose water. The mixture is laid on a vermicelli dough and then rolled in a kind of giant cigars, baked in trays and watered with cold sugar sirop "atr" immediately after being out of the oven. Yummm !


Inside the House

Beit el Founoun from inside... This is the final result and we are very satisfied.


I love Maghdouche... Who doesn't ?!!!

Among all the things that I like in Maghdouche, what I like most is its people.
Hard workers, good hearted, straight forward, very generous... but most of all, they become one as soon as they face any difficulty... One hand, one voice, one will and one heart...
People of Maghdouche, may you stay safe wherever you are in the world and may you come back.
Maghdouche is waiting for you !!!


The Beit el Founoun Extreme Makeover

The result is satisfying and the hard work has finally paid. Beit el Founoun stands beautifully among the houses of Maghdouche, a welcoming house where everybody is treated equally... Just leave your religious and political beliefs at the gate and step in...

Beit el Founoun - Before

Beit el Founoun - After


Cultural Salon and Dignity

Yesterday, the dream of a cultural salon in Elverum area was transformed from just an idea to a concrete reality. Of course we were there, and with us was our Dignity project !

The program was intensive and we had few minutes to talk about Dignity. Trond Einar was very clever in using the time, explaining about the project and its importance for the people of Maghdouche as well as for scandinavians.

After that, we exhibited the first few Dignity products and people could admire the high quality of the work and the design.

We thank the guests of the salon for their economical support for the project, we thank Snefrid and Ragnar for giving us this opportunity and for all what they did for Dignity and we wish them all the best with the next cultural salon in the 4th of April.


A Different Christmas 2008 - En annerledes jul

All over the world, Christmas is Christmas, but sometimes the little detail makes the difference. Here are some shots of a different Christmas in Maghdouche.
På norsk
Over hele verden er jul- jul, men noen ganger er det "den lille forskjellen" som gjør det annerledes.
Her kommer noen fotoer fra Maghdouche jul

A dry branch can be a perfect christmas tree
En tørr grein kan bli et perfekt juletre.....

and every plant in the house !
og alle planter i huset !

Chickpeas, lentils and wheat planted in small trays to be used as christmas ornaments for the nativity scenes.
kikerter, linser og hvetekorn lagt på papirservietter og vannet i små skåler blir brukt som juledekorasjon i julekrybben. En spire til nytt liv......

Marwan and Georgette preparing the nativity scene in the local church.
Marwan og Georgette forbereder julekrybben i kirken i Maghdouche.

Uuuuh, anything is missing ? No, Jesus will be added at midnight.
ÅÅÅÅÅÅ, mangler det noe, neida, Jesus settes i julekrybben ved midnatt i midnattsmessen.

Which nativity scene is the best in the village? yours for sure !
Hvilken julekrybbe var den beste i landsbyen, din selvfølgelig!!!!

Christmas rolls "buches de Noel" before decoration.
Julekaker er også tradisjon og i Libanon er det RULLEKAKE også kjent som "Swiss roll". Og her er den før dekoreringen.

Christmas rolls after decoration.
Og slik ble den etter dekoreringen

Santas getting ready.
Julenissen gjør seg klar

Ryan's first Christmas !
Ryans første jul

A little prayer and a little hymn in front of the nativity scene before the Christmas dinner.
En liten bønn og en liten salme foran julekrybben før julemiddagen.


Norwegian Cultural Salon involving Maghdouche

It was short after our arrival to Norway that we heard about the Cultural Salon "kultursalongen" taken place in Hernes, Elverum , the 7th. of February 2009, at 18:30.
Among various cultural activities, Trond Einar is invited to inform about our art project "Dignity" and the status of the project after our last visit to Maghdouche, Lebanon.
For more information about the Salon and the program , check the link:
We hope to see you there...

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