Cultural Salon and Dignity

Yesterday, the dream of a cultural salon in Elverum area was transformed from just an idea to a concrete reality. Of course we were there, and with us was our Dignity project !

The program was intensive and we had few minutes to talk about Dignity. Trond Einar was very clever in using the time, explaining about the project and its importance for the people of Maghdouche as well as for scandinavians.

After that, we exhibited the first few Dignity products and people could admire the high quality of the work and the design.

We thank the guests of the salon for their economical support for the project, we thank Snefrid and Ragnar for giving us this opportunity and for all what they did for Dignity and we wish them all the best with the next cultural salon in the 4th of April.

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Fijufic sa...


I see you follow my journal. I also see that you are musicians from Norway.

My neighbor is part of NATO and sailed from Norway (He is Norweigan)to the Chesapeake Bay when he moved to this country.

Great guy. His name is Vidar. You have the best winter sports athletes I have ever seen.

I would love to hear you guys play.


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