Berit and Bjørn Visiting Lebanon !

Dear friends and loyal readers,
Here is a little taste of our last trip to Lebanon in May 2009. Berit and Bjørn were the testing visitors
on how the house "Beit el Founoun" works for scandinavians and especially norwegians... We hope you like it !


Experience Maghdouche !

The landing in Beirut airport was early in the morning... We were two excited people that were met by the warmth, not only in the temperature but also warmth in the hearts... We have never met such hospitality in our life. So, here in the west, we have a lot to learn... The neighbour could come with coffee and cookies at 8.00 in the morning... Maghdouche people came with cakes and sweets... Wherever you ask for the way to a certain place, you will be offered to have a coffee.
We lived in Beit el Founoun, in the old part of Maghdouche... Very cosy, both the house and the village. In Maghdouche, we visited the grotto church, the new basilica , the virgin tower, the Mazar road, the local church, the orange blossom cooperative...
Otherwise, we visited many museums, emirs palaces, churches, archeological ruins and markets, in many different cities and villages... Beirut, Saida, Deir el Kamar, Beiteddine, Jezzine, Room, Nabatieh and Tyre... plus many many more... Thanks to TrondE and Robert that were an open history book, we got a unique experience.
The food in Lebanon was so good. The only thing that we missed after 18 days was a simple slice of bread with brown cheese and a glass of milk!
We could tell more and more... and we recommend Lebanon as a warm travel destination. What we see and hear in the radio and television does not fit with the facts... Lebanon has to be experienced!
Robert's family was of big generosity and hospitality and took good care of us.
Berit and Bjørn Myhre (Norway)
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