Christmas Concert in Maghdouche

Sunday, the 21st. of December at 6:00 in the evening, the bells of Maghdouche church will be ringing loud. The reason is the Christmas concert that became a tradition in the yearly preparation for Maghdouche Christmas.
Arround 40 young people from Maghdouche and its surrounding villages, who form the Savior's Choir, will be singing traditional oriental as well as modern Christmas songs, in arabic, french and english.

By curiosity, we entered the church last December, but with peace and deep Christmas spirit, we left. To listen to these young voices was such a wonderful experience.


Spindle all the way !

This instrument might be strange and unusual for most of the Lebanese young generation nowadays. Silly enough, this was used in almost every house in Lebanon, not long time ago in the Lebanese history.

The spindle called "Maghzal" in arabic, is a simple instrument that was used to spin wool, cotton or silk. My uncle in Maghdouche recalls helping his mother spinning when he was a child.

I was introduced to the spindle here in Norway and I have to admit that when I tried it, I found it very fascinating. To see a mass of wool transforming into a long thread in front of my eyes and with my own hands is quite a satisfying experience that I would like to share with my fellows in Maghdouche.

We will bring one spindle with us when we come to Maghdouche. It should be easy to make and easy to use.
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