Dignity Trip to Beiteddine

In February 2011, Dignity - Maghdouche invited its members and friends to an educational trip to Beiteddine where we all got a different perspective on the palace, its history, patterns, colours and much more... Thanks to Trond Einar S. Indsetviken who was our instructor and guide.


Christmas in Maghdouche

The newly established children "Choir of Glory" has performed a Christmas concert in Maghdouche church, the evening of the 23rd of December 2010. In this little video, Maghdouche children are performing a traditional melkite bizantine Christmas song.


Christmas Fair !

"Dignity" has just participated in a 4 day Christmas fair organized by the sisterhood of Our Lady of Mantara - Maghdouche " Akhawiyyet Saydet el Mantara. The friends of "Dignity" exhibited different kinds of embroideries and needlework as well as many other different products including the Brain Warmers.

The visitors of the fair appreciated the beautiful products, the high quality of the materials and the elegant finishing...

It is to be mentioned that this was the first fair in Lebanon in which "Dignity" has participated, on the hope that this would be the start of many participations to come.
Well done girls !!!


Welcome to Maghdouche's Public Garden

It might not be Monet's romantic garden , nor the most exotic in its kind, but this little piece of garden means a lot for Maghdouche people. With a great goodwill, they managed to achieve it, thanks to "Environment without Borders".

Here are some photos taken by: Lycee le petit Prince.


"Under Brua" Festival - Dignity's Stand

Her er vår lille "Stand" for Dignity produkter på "Under Brua Festivalen" som pågår på Hamar 20 og 21 august 2010.

Her er et utvalg av "Putene" Disse er brodert i tynneste ull og foret. Alt er 100% håndsøm.

To hyggelige jenter ble fasinert av våre "Hjernevarmere" og ville vise dere andre også....


Finally, the Public Garden!

In a short time, this ugly empty space will be transformed into a fresh and green garden in which everybody will enjoy spending time.

Finally, "Bi2a bila 7oudoud" organisation, translated as "Environment without borders" succeeded in getting the right of preceeding with the work after a long struggle where Maghdouche people were the ones that were paying the price.

As the page is turned, Maghdouche people are looking forward to have a welcoming space where children can play, learn and experience, enjoy being as well as get in touch with the nature.

Well done guys!

Photos: Hani Esber - "Bi2a Bila 7oudoud"



Dignity Products in "Bakgården" market

We have been invited to participate in the "Bakgård" market in Hamar.
So, friday and saturday, the 18th. and 19th. of June 2010, we will be having a stand, selling our Dignity products as well as some pelargonium. If you are in Hamar this weekend, dont hesitate to pass by and say hello.
Thanks to Veldreid for their support, initiative and invitation.


Norwegian Visits to Maghdouche

During our long stay in Maghdouche, we got 2 norwegian visits.
The first visit was directly after Christmas. Father and daughter, Steffen and Tine, decided to follow us for a 3 week stay. Here they are in the photos, in Robert's family house, at 4:00 in the morning, having a coffee and a "knefeh" plate , before they rest and have some sleep after a long journey.

Few days after, there was another round to the airport: Bjarne and May Britt arrived from Oslo to Beirut airport via Heathrow. Thank God, their flight was earlier in the evening, so we could introduce them to Steffen and Tine who were waiting for us at "Le Triangle" in Maghdouche where we had a nice dinner and a glass of wine (we had a toast for Stine Marie who was supposed to join but was not able to).

We take the occasion and we thank all our visitors for all the yarn and the things that they were able to bring to our project in their luggage. Without their help, we would not be able to get to Maghdouche all the things at once. So, thank you guys for your help.
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