Samia Saab

Our research on the Lebanese hair cover "Mandeel" that my grand grand mother had, in the photo led us to Samia Saab, the DIVA of the Lebanese traditional textiles and what an interesting meeting !!!

Althought she was not in a good shape, Samia Saab received us with a big smile, offered us a Lebanese coffee and some traditional sweets "maakroon" and with a big heart, she showed us some of her textiles collection... Hours passed like seconds... we could stay longer, learn more but we had to leave.

We all agreed that this will not be the last time we see each other. A long way of collaboration will start between us, at least we hope...

The most important is that we know that the hair cover of my grand grand mother is called "Oya" originated in Turkey, and came to Lebanon with the long years of Ottoman occupation, and that the last woman that was working the Oya (on a shittle or Makkook) was from Baalbeck and that this Oya tradition died by her death.

A starting point that means a lot for us...

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