Orange Blossoms Season

If you visit Maghdouche at this time of the year, you will be taken by the orange flowers perfum coming from the gardens and fields. Yes, it is the full season and people are picking their flowers and getting ready to subtract the perfumed water (Mazaher or Mayzaher) out of it.

Hundreds of people from around Lebanon rush to Maghdouche, these days, to buy either the flowers or the water, have a coffee with one or two flowers smashed in, visit "Saydet el Mantara" and head back to where they came from.

From generation to generation, the tradition is going on. Carlos' initiation to the orange blossoms

Hmmm, what a fragrance !

Ready for the alembic "karakeh"

Only in Maghdouche !

4 kommentarer:

Fijufic sa...


I would never have known about this place if you didn't write a journal.



BenB sa...

Definitely an amazing place!

Lavendel sa...

Kan forestille mig duften - spændende læsning!!!

troro - the artists behind sa...

Hello guys, thank you for your comments.

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