Tribute to a Big Maghdouche Musician

During the days of "Kroum e Shams" festival, the "Shabibat el Moukhalles" choir (the Saviour's Youth choir) conducted by father makarios Haidamous, will be performing a tribute consert to the big local musician Elias el Nachef (the photo) who passed away few years ago.
Elias el Nashef was an intellectual school teacher and a talented musician. He is known for his bizantine hymns and psalms music which is performed in many roman-catholic (melkite) churches arround the arab world.

Thirsday the 4th of september 2008
Time: 7
:00 PM
Location: Basketball playground - opposit of Maghdouche church

2 kommentarer:

Julian sa...

I hope you won't mind if I point my readers in your direction as part of BlogDay 2008.

troro - the artists behind sa...

No problem, that is fine by me.

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