News from the House - Nytt fra huset

Finally, we got some new photos from the house! Work is in progress. Now, using the metallic stairs instead of a ladder, we can easily access the roof terasse and enjoy a glass of wine or a lebanese coffee there and admire the beauty of Maghdouche's church and the vine trees that are covering the roof of every house.
Endelig......noen nye bilder fra huset. Det går framover. Trappen opp til takterassen er ferdig, så nå kan vi sitte der med libanesisk kaffe og nyte utsikten å alle vinstokkene som lager terassene om til grønne hager med druer.

As parts of the house are 100 year old, the walls needed to be handled properly. Applying layers of anti rain absorption treatment from outside is supposed to solve the problem.
Deler av huset er over 100 år gammelt så veggene må behandles riktig. Flere lag med beskyttelse mot fuktighet må til............

In addition, the old parts of the house were covered from inside by a certain kind of plaques with a very natural texture. In this way, we avoid having the problem that almost every house in Lebanon is having, and that is paint getting off the walls.

Perfect result!!! at least we hope and we keep our fingers crossed... For such a big bill, it should better be!!!

In anyway, after painting white, the light seems wonderful especially in the studio area and the space seems to be bigger. Good work boys!!!
Det blir lyst og flott. Det ser med en gang større ut ettter at det er pusset opp, det er så vakkert lys i disse to studiorommene. Flott arbeid!

4 kommentarer:

Sjoggfrid sa...

Thanks for the news :o))

I suppose your suitcases already packed. JEALOUS? Not at all (ha,ha,ha hm...?). Please say hi to the boys down there. They're doing a GREAT job for sure! I wish I was there...

Sun hugs

Nahla sa...

Roro, the place looks really nice. I love the paint color on the walls and the open, sunny feel of the rooms!

troro - the artists behind sa...

Thank you Sjogfrid.
You know that you have an open invitation whenever you feel for coming and visiting.


troro - the artists behind sa...

Hei Nahla and thank you.
The room in the photo (last photo) will be the workplace of "Dignity" where people of Maghdouche can come and do their handcrafts and I am so happy that the light comes in so beautifully!

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