Saint Barbara day - "Eid el Berbara"

As every christian village in Lebanon, Maghdouche celebrates Saint Barbara on the 4th. of December of every year. As the day, according to the oriental christian tradition, starts and ends with the sunset, the big celebration would be the evening of the 3rd. of December.

Saint Barbara day or " Eid el Berbara" is celebrated in Maghdouche similarly to the North American Halloween. It is believed that Saint Barbara disguised herself in numerous characters to elude the Romans who were persecuting her.

Sugar and coins (paper money nowadays) are offered to the masquerading children who walk the streets of the village and sing door-to-door. No need to mention that the quality (or vulgarity) of the songs vary according to the money offered !

Lately, I would say 15 years ago, The youngsters of Maghdouche developped a masquerading parade that walks the streets of Maghdouche on the evening of the 4th. of December. I hope that this parade has become a tradition and that it is still going on.

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Nader sa...

This year the festivals were exceptional even adults were participating by disguising themselves along with the children, and the now traditional drum playing and dancing added a nice festive feeling

troro - the artists behind sa...

Hello Nader, good to hear that. I tried to get some photos to publish with the article so that people get a feeling of what was going on, but unfortunately I could not get any.
Thank you for your comment.

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