Happy Easter - God påske - Al Massi7 Qam

Around 3:00 am. this morning, the bells of the church in Maghdouche rang loud...
It's "El Hajmeh", a service that starts outside in the street and continues inside the church for hours till after sunrise. The famous sermon of St. John Chrysostom "the Golden mouth" makes the peak of the prayer... Another Easter service would follow for those who were too sleepy and did not make it for the first service.

The long Friday service "Jinnez el Massi7" .... Photo: Petra Hakim

Easter wishes and visits continue for the next days where "Ma3moul", chocolate eggs are offered. Whileas for the children, a competition in who is having the strongest coloured egg is usually held in the place of the village.

The Golgotha Mountain symbolization inside the church ... Photo: Petra Hakim

The last week was a heavy and intensive lithurgical week, as traditions and lithurgical prayers have a big value in the hearts of Maghdouche people.

Happy Easter to all.

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