Dignity Cats !

Trond Einar's cats idea was a success. People, children and adults are showing a lot of interest and curiosity... and for that, they are excused. The cats are adorable ! so cute that you feel to touch them, hug them... They awake the child inside you that you feel to play with them.

During the process of knitting, the cat gets a name and a little story that awake the imagination and let your thoughts fly in a wonderland... "Uheldig Hilde" translated as Unlucky Hilde, "Dolly Dollar", "Dolly Simpel", " fru L.V. Fransen" and many other names. Most of them has find a good and loving home.

The demand on the cats is growing and TrondE is not able to fullfill it by himself that he asked Sissel to help with the knitting on the hope that our people in Maghdouche are knitting cats and that we will bring them to Norway after Christmas. Note that TrondE had a course in Maghdouche, in May,on how to knit the cats.

Lately, the press got interested in the "Dignity cats" and the clever idea of owning a cat while supporting our Dignity Project. Here is the journalist Håvard Lillebo from the newspaper "Østlendigen" taking photos of TrondE and the cats after a long interview with us about Dignity Project that will be published soon in "Østlendingen". Dont miss it !

Up till now, people supported our project with a "pelargonium" plant so why not supporting it with a lovely wool cat ?

2 kommentarer:

Lavendel sa...

En fin ide og en fin gerning.

Anne Margrete sa...

Helt enig, en søt idè som sprer masse glede for liten og stor...jeg støtter gjerne prosjektet med kattekjøp!

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