7 September, Mayhem Night in Maghdouche

The 7th. of September, in Maghdouche, this year was exceptional. People have never witnessed such a celebration of "Eid e Saydeh" before. It was the best celebration ever, people say, even better than the celebration before the "Tihjir" refering to the golden days of Maghdouche before people were forced to leave their beloved village due to the war of 1985.

After that the official religious ceremony is over and after that the people of Maghdouche walk the icon of the Virgin Marie from the church to the grotto of "Saydet el Mantara" in a long procession with hymns and traditional songs... a crazy sleepless night starts...
The 7th. of September is the Virgin Marie night but also the night of barbequeue and Arak (local spirit same family as the greek Ouzo and the turkish Raki).
But, instead of barbequeueing in family at home, people this year, closed the main road of Maghdouche with tables and chairs and decided to celebrate in the streets.
After few glasses of Arak, heads start to turn and the fire gets to the brain... A whole population was singing and dancing and enjoying a wonderful night till the first rays of morning light.

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Sjoggfrid sa...

Hei, hei:-))

Takk for flotte, varme inntrykk....tankene flyr naturlig til våre religiøse feiringer og de store kulturforskjellene verden besitter. Skjønner godt at dere ønsker å være en del av dette fellesskapet neste år!!! God helg til dere...

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