Grapes of Maghdouche

With the beginning of October, Maghdouche is picking its last bunches of grapes. People usually save them to get a little taste of the summer at this time of the year... The summer was fine, the season was abundant and mother earth was generous as always.

Mothers of Maghdouche are done with the preparation of the "mouneh" which includes many products derived from grapes: raisins, vinigar, jam, molasse and wine...
For those who are unfamiliar with the word, "mouneh" is an old tradition in the lebanese culture. People dry or preserve different kinds of vegetables, fruits and grains to be used during the winter months.

Years of war in Lebanon gave the "mouneh" tradition an extra kick. People had to fill their cupboards with different products in case that the local shop around the corner is not accessible.

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