The Olive Season

Olive-picking season starts in October and continues until November. People of Maghdouche wake up early and head to their olive groves around the village to gather the fruits.

I remember from my childhood that climbing the ladder was restricted to adults, while us children, we were hitting the branches with a stick or picking from the ground, the "bad" olives which would be used for soap making.

Back home, after a long working day, leaves and bad fruits should be picked out while the fresh green fruits are divided into two parts: one part is to be consumed during the year as part of the "mouneh" or eaten fresh mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt (yummm !).
The other part is packed and sent to one of the local mills to be pressed and used as oil.

Olive oil plays a main role in the daily life of Maghdouche and lebanese people. Besides being a main ingredient in the Lebanese cuisine, it is still used as an alternative remedy for different medical conditions.

Photos by: Hanaa K.

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